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Weed Killing Maintenance 

As well as external cleaning we also offer a follow-up program to keep the weeds away, for both commercial and domestic clients. Once the initial clean is complete then we come back on a monthly/quarterly basis and treat the new upcoming weeds.

Weeds will always come back even after cleaning. You will get a few months with no weeds with driveway and patio cleaning services, but eventually, they always come back and there is nothing we can do about that. To help solve the problem we have introduced a weed-killing service to fight against the weeds and keep your property weed free. 

We use a commercial-grade weed killer that cannot be purchased in the shops or by the general public. It is a product that can only be brought by a business, company, or registered farm. The reason it is not available to the general public is because it is very strong and required the correct PPE and the correct knowledge of handling. 

The product works by spraying onto the leaf of the weeds and draws the chemical through the leaves all the way through the stems and into the roots, ultimately killing the weed completely. Products that can be shop brought only kill the leaves and parts of the root, leaving the actual weed still alive and ready to re-grow. 

With the root still alive as it grows again those roots become wider and longer every time that weed grows again. This can cause a number of issues when it comes to your block pathing, patios, car parks, concrete paths, etc. The large roots will start to disturb the sublayer of the base that the blocked pathing, patio, tarmac, or concrete is laid on. 

We currently manage multiple properties and businesses by offering monthly/quarterly weed-killing services. This is a never-ending battle and we are here to structure your weed-killing services to minimize growth and in the long term save you time and effort to remove left-to-grow weeds.  


How long does the weed
killer take to work?

The specific weed killer we use takes a week to 2 weeks to kill off the affected weeds. The reason that is a little bit longer than shop brought weedkiller is because it needs time to work through the leaf to the roots. Once those roots are affected you can be sure that that individual weed will never return. Once that weed is killed off it's gone for good. 


How effective is the weed

The weed killer we use is extremely effective and will kill anything it comes into contact with. It works only through the leaves so we are extra careful when it comes to spraying around foliage, plants, and grass. 

The reason farmers use this product is because of its 100% kill rate. Farmers do have to re-apply the weedkiller every week once the weed pops back because it's one application then that weed is dead.


Is it safe for my animals and 

We let all our customers know that the affected areas should not be walked on for 4/5 hours just to make sure that the weed killer is absorbed by the weed properly. If you walk on the weeds when the weed killer is wet it will kill everything you walk on. 

Once that time has passed then it is safe to walk on and for children and animals. 

Weed killer before x after .webp

Why can't I do it myself?

1. Of course you can do it yourself and it does work for a certain amount of time. The products we use are 10x stronger than anything on the market. So you can be confident that you have a quality service

2. It will save you time. You don't have to go out and shop around for weed killers. Spend time mixing the solution and making sure the dilution is correct. Pump up your bottle. Spend a long time with a little spray bottle trying to get every little weed. 


3. It's one less job you have to worry about. If you're busy and don't have time to weed-killing your property, in a week's time, they will be twice the size and will require more than just a weed kill. All we do is turn up get our ready-made kit out and do the job quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


4. You can be sure that every weed is treated and that the job is professionally done. It's easy to miss a few weeds, but with our kit, you can be sure that every weed will be affected.

5. The last one is safety. Weed killer is a nasty product if you get it on your skin. We use the correct PPE and ensure everything is left in a safe manner after completion. If you get a little bit of weed killer on your shoe and walk around on your grass, you will have shoe prints wherever you have walked. 


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