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Our payment policy 

When it comes to the UK we all understand that the weather can be a nuisance sometimes. For that reason, we ask for 2 payments when doing all of our services. When the initial cleaning is complete we will ask for 80% of the overall quoted price once the clean is complete and then the final 20%. once any treatments have been applied and completed (resanding, resealing, biocide treatments). 

This is due to the weather this year being a huge problem for us here at WNC jet services. We complete a driveway for example and then it rains for the next 2 weeks and we can't re-sand or re-seal the driveway for an additional 2 weeks prior to the initial clean. Makes it harder for us to pay suppliers and has led us to use more technical software (which comes at a hefty price) to help us keep track of the ongoing jobs that we need to complete. 

We have had 10s of completed jobs that have been held for 2 weeks or more just because of the weather and of course, didn't get paid for a single one until the weather cleared up and we could complete them. Causing our books to become very disordered and the credit on our suppliers to pile up.

We want the job complete as much as you do so rest assured we will turn up for the treatment process. This is the final stage In the process and is often the most rewarding. The resanding on driveways just boosts the appearance of the whole clean. Resealing on patios can enhance the colors of the stone you have and preserve it for much longer. applying biocide to your roof after a roof clean will ensure that no grow back happens in the coming years as well as keeps it looking clean and tidy. We do want the job completed as soon as possible, but the weather isn't allowing us at the moment.


We hope our loyal and new customers understand this and we really appreciate the support when it comes to awkward times like this.


Below are some of the most popular pressure washing services we provide. If you would like to see the full list then have a look through our menu above and you will find the full range of services.

Block pathing, Driveway, Driveway cleaning

Let us help you to restore your driveway back to its bright and vibrant color. Giving your neighbors something to admire. Not only can we provide more curb appeal to you this also maintains and prolongs your driveway for years to come. We know from experience that 90% of blocked pathing driveways come up like new and depending on what material you have depends on the process we use. There is no excuse to not get the results you want. For more information click the picture or call the contact number 

Patio cleaning, Before and after, Patio washing

Patios over the years can begin to grow moss, black spot, white lichen, and algae. If you would like it back to how it was then we can help. Over time patios can become very dangerous and slippery. Leading to something having to be done about the algae and black spot. Depending how long it was since your last clean depends on how easily the black spot will come off. Older patios contain a lot more black spots that requires a more precise chemical application. For more information click the picture or call the contact number

Roof cleaning, Roof scraping, Treatment, Sky scraper

It's inevitable that your roof is going to get moss. The difference a clean roof can make to your property is substantial. Removing moss also benefits the structural integrity of the property. With lots of moss comes dampness. With dampness comes plant growth and insects. We use a specially selected process when it comes to cleaning your roof to ensure our safety, and property safety and to make the process efficient and to a really high standard. For more information click the picture or call the contact number

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