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Driveway Cleaning 

Here at WNC Jet Services, we clean driveways all year round. Especially block pathed driveways. Block pathed driveways always come up like new no matter how dirty they are. Many people question whether their driveway will come up good enough because it is full of weeds and a really dirty colour. Rest assured that we have the industrial equipment that can get your driveway looking clean and tidy again. We follow a 3 step process when cleaning driveways.

1. A pressure clean to remove any dirt, grime and weeds 

2. Chemical treatment to really bring the colour out in your drive and to remove any black spot (oil removal is also undertaken if needed)

3. Resanding

Yes, the sand will come out of in between your block pathing and this is normal and completely safe, this is why it is crucial to reapply the sand once the cleaning and chemical process has been done. We don't just clean block pathing drives, we clean all types of driveways. Resin drives, tarmac drives, even pebble driveways. For more information get in contact today and we can help you 

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