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Patio Cleaning 

It is approaching the end of summer but there are a few weeks of nice weather that we can enjoy in our gardens. A lot of people have been buying pressure washers and doing their drives themselves which has taken them full days and sometimes weekends to complete. We utilise industrial equipment to get the job done quickly, efficiently and to a top standard. We always tell our customers that pressure cleaning alone is only 60% of the cleaning process. To remove staining, black spot, and white lichen you will need to use chemicals and that is where the other 40% of the cleaning process lies. Pressure cleaning alone can only do so much. 

We use industrial cleaning equipment which can sound worrying and damaging because it's so powerful. We adjust the pressure once we have analysed the material and the severity of the grime on your patio. What would take someone with the traditional Karcher a day to complete, would take us a few hours. We cannot stress enough that to get outstanding results takes professional equipment and skill using chemicals correctly. 

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