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Hospitality Cleaning 

There is constant movement when it comes to hospitality and this naturally causes dirt build-up. Customers spill drinks, drop greasy food on the floor, drop their chewing gum and naturally make a little bit of a mess. It is also an expectation of customers to be in a clean and nice environment. We have cleaned pub buildings, roofs and gardens, restaurant areas, hotels and nightclubs. Ensuring that they are constantly visually appealing to their customers and a safe sterile environment. We are fully insured and have the top machinery that can get the job done quickly, minimising the closing time of the business. Time is money in the hospitality industry and we know when their doors are closed no money comes in so we value ourselves in a quick, quality and reliable service. We take health and safety very seriously, so ensuring the public and our own safety is paramount. Regular cleaning contracts are available. For more information please get in contact.

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