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Decontamination and sanitation

WNC Jet Services undertake decontamination, sanitisation and deep cleaning to all external areas and surfaces. Decontamination is undertaken with a low concentration of sodium hypochlorite and surfactant creating a foam, which helps the SH stick to the surface of the area it is applied to. This allows the chemical to do its work and not just touch the surface and run off, giving you confidence that the chemical is sticking to the surface and doing its decontamination properly.

Sanitisation at the correct pressure for your areas material also is a second defence against any remaining virus. Decontamination, sanitisation delivers a virus-free sterile environment post the deep clean. The process we use does NOT cause misting sanitiser in the air. So you can have confidence that the process we use is safe for the public and surrounding foliage.

World Health Organisation states that “COVID 19 may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days – depends on the type of surface droplets land on and temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment. So it is paramount that you have regular decontamination and sanitisation cleaning on your buildings.

We want customers, businesses and front line staff to have confidence that their environment is being protected by the process of decontamination & sanitisation. At WNC Jet Services we understand that with public environments that the day time cleaning isn't possible thats why we usually do this type of work during the night. We are available 24/7 and throughout the weekends and the holiday periods 

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