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Decking Cleaning 

Decking cleaning is a process that should be taken with extra care. If you use too much pressure or hold the lance too close it can ruin your decking completely, causing it to flack and splinter. At WNC Jet Services we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to preserve your decking and clean it properly. Depending on how old the decking is depended on how it is cleaned. The older the decking the less pressure washing pressure is used and it comes down to using more specialist chemicals to really restore the colour. We also clean composite decking which is always advised to clean yearly to preserve it for many many years. 

If the decking has been oil treated in the past, pressure cleaning alone will hardly make any difference. This situation would require a stripper chemical to remove the oil and then we can get to work on cleaning and chemically treating again. It does come down to the technique you use when cleaning decking because it can be very easy to leave lines in your decking. Our team is experienced in cleaning decking to an amazing standard. 

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