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Below are some of the most popular pressure washing services we provide. If you would like to see the full list then have a look through our menu above and you will find the full range of services.

Block pathing, Driveway, Driveway cleaning

Let us help you to restore your driveway back to its bright and vibrant color. Giving your neighbors something to admire. Not only can we provide more curb appeal to you this also maintains and prolongs your driveway for years to come. We know from experience that 90% of blocked pathing driveways come up like new and depending on what material you have depends on the process we use. There is no excuse to not get the results you want. For more information click the picture or call the contact number 

Patio cleaning, Before and after, Patio washing

Patios over the years can begin to grow moss, black spot, white lichen, and algae. If you would like it back to how it was then we can help. Over time patios can become very dangerous and slippery. Leading to something having to be done about the algae and black spot. Depending how long it was since your last clean depends on how easily the black spot will come off. Older patios contain a lot more black spots that requires a more precise chemical application. For more information click the picture or call the contact number

Roof cleaning, Roof scraping, Treatment, Sky scraper

It's inevitable that your roof is going to get moss. The difference a clean roof can make to your property is substantial. Removing moss also benefits the structural integrity of the property. With lots of moss comes dampness. With dampness comes plant growth and insects. We use a specially selected process when it comes to cleaning your roof to ensure our safety, and property safety and to make the process efficient and to a really high standard. For more information click the picture or call the contact number

Get in touch today to book your free non-obligatory quote. Simply click the button below and fill out the short form and we will understand more about your requirements and can assist you in the best possible way 

We look forward to transforming your property!!


A little bit about us


WNC Jet Services have been in business for 7 years, bringing a new lease of life to your property. We have a lot of experience when it comes to pressure cleaning and knowing what chemicals to use to remove stains and markings, to get the best outcome from your outside space.

We have completed contracts for domestic clients' properties, Commercial contracts on large roofs, car parks, and warehouses, and lots of work with estate agents to maximize the value of the properties that they sell (with great results and quick sales).

Our owner has a huge eye for detail, ensuring that everything is perfect and the customer is happy with the work carried out. Customer satisfaction gives us so much fulfillment and provides us with great feedback.

Following our quick, efficient, and strategic cleaning method, we have dramatically reduced the cleaning time and increased the quality of our work. Some of the services that we specialize in are listed below:


Stain Removals

Sealant removal

Rust removal

Oil removal

Black spot removal

White lichen removal 

Soft washing


Cleaning Services

Patio cleaning 

Driveway cleaning 

Decking cleaning 

Roof cleaning 

Graffiti removal 

All available for commercial clients 



Patio sealant application 

Decking non-slip application 

Driveway re-sanding

Anti-graffiti application  

Fully insured giving you some piece of mind that your property is covered 

Pub garden, Patio clean, Hospitality Cleaning, Commercial Pressure Washing
Hospitality cleaning


Our mission is to provide excellent service with exceptional results. The customer is our main priority. That is why William started this business, to bring joy and value to people. There is nothing more rewarding than when a group of neighbors get together and all get their properties cleaned. It transforms the image of the whole road 

Roof cleaning, Roof scraping, Sky Scraper, Roof maintinance


Our vision is to impact as many people as we can. We want everyone to feel the joy of a clean patio for summer. Or look out their bedroom window and see their new clean and tidy roof. When a customer is happy with our work and grateful it gives the whole team a warm feeling and keeps us pushing the limits we go to to get those exceptional results

Roof cleaning
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