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Why choose us?

As well as external cleaning we also have 15+ years in landscape design. We have undertaken hundreds of garden design projects for domestic clients as well as commercial office buildings and schools. We have a good reputation in the landscaping space, specializing in using top-quality materials to make your property look extra special. 

Services we have done in the past:

Decking erection 

Composite decking 

Artificial grass

Turf laying

Patio laying 


Sleeper beds 

Shingle drives


Shead construction 

Services Provided

If you would like more information or just have a question about how to go about your garden design and materials to use then we will always be available to help. It's getting to summertime and we all want to be in a garden that we can be proud of and enjoy family time in.  Over the years we have turned customers' gardens from uneven, messy, no character to a beautiful, colorful landscapes. We take pride in our services and if there is something we feel would look better we will do it. No corners cut.

As our customers your vision is there and it's our job to work with you to make that vision a reality. We work closely with you and are available 24/7 to listen to your new ideas or plans. Have you ever dreamed of the garden you have always wanted? Contact us today to have a chat and free quote :)

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