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Bringing Christmas to Buckinghamshire, creating festive memories 

About us 

We are an external Christmas lighting service erecting an array of beautiful Christmas lighting on your home. Our aim is to really show off your home with the lighting packages we offer. We have been putting up Christmas lights for 7 years now and have an array of experience when it comes to showing off your home. WNC Christmas Lighting is a reputable company and we have worked on some amazing properties with amazing feedback. Our main focus is to not cut corners when it comes to light quality and correction. We utilise the adequate machinery to put up your lighting, making sure its a quality application and safe for you,Your family, your property and our team 

Residential Instilation 

White Christmas lights

Have you ever driven past people's homes at Christmas times and thought "wow, I'd love my house to glow like that". It is most likely that they used a professional Christmas decoration service. 

We know Christmas is a stressful time and we aim to minimise the Christmas stress by providing quality and trustworthy home decorating. Watching your partner going up a ladder and arguing with tangled lighting can really raise your blood pressure, especially if they have had a few Egnogs beforehand.

Utilising the correct safety procedures, we get the decorations put up quickly, safely and to a high standard. If you have your own lights that you love we can check them for you and put them up on your property. We also sell lighting that we know is quality and has that wow factor. Once you have brought the lighting WNC Christmas Lighting offers a discounted price for decoration instalments for the following year 

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